Prepare Your Business for Customs April 2022

Training is delivered via Microsoft Teams
Wednesday 27th April
10 to 4pm

This Introduction to customs awareness course is not only suitable for logistics and freight forwarding professionals, but also those responsible for customs, trade, compliance, finance and procurement, as well as supply chain and operations managers. This training provides an overview of the customs landscape for your supply chain and introduces key areas of customs requirements and obligations, relating to your business.

This event is no longer available

Training Objectives

Attendees will:

  • Become familiar with the roles of customs authorities
  • Recognise the various stakeholders
  • Understand some of the key elements of customs and duties frameworks
  • Identify the components of customs valuation
  • Understand the basics of product classification
  • Develop awareness of the impact of product origins and preference protocols
  • Gain an awareness of customs special procedures and reliefs
  • Have an introduction to the role of AEO and customs preferential guarantees
  • Recognise the requirements and purpose of customs documentation
  • Be introduced to EU and US export controls

Who should attend?:

Since the subject has broad implications for the business, this course is suitable for those responsible for;

  • Customs, trade, quality and compliance
  • Procurement and Finance Managers
  • Directors
  • Supply Chain managers
  • Operations managers
  • Logistics and freight forwarding professionals

What is covered?

  • Customs concepts and frameworks;
  • The role of customs
  • Definitions and terms
  • Customs and duties framework; Valuation, Classification Origin and preference, Special reliefs
  • AEO and customs comprehensive guarantees
  • Introduction to customs documentation
  • EU & US Export Controls

About the trainer:

PerformanSC Supply Chain is a specialist, practitioner-led, Irish supply chain consulting firm based in Dublin, with offices in UK and US.