Twitter Marketing For Business

Twitter Marketing For Business


Would you like to know how you could use Twitter to market your business?

Every day we hear about Twitter and trending topics, hash tags and @usernames.  Does it all sound like double Dutch to you?  If so you're not alone.

This training course will explain what Twitter is and how to use Twitter to market your business.  It will explain how to set up a Twitter account, how to brand it, how to tweet, how to follow and create lists and how to use it as a marketing tool.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • People who don’t know how to use Twitter and want to use it for marketing.
  • People who know how to use Twitter as a person but don’t know how to use it as a business.

What do you need?

This is a hands-on workshop and on the course you will be doing some exercises.  Please bring a laptop.  A tablet will not be suitable for many of the exercises.

What we will cover

How Twitter works – the basics we need to understand.

  • What is Twitter? – Examples of Twitter accounts.
  • How Twitter compares to Facebook.
  • What type of marketing tool is Twitter?

How to setup, brand and use your Twitter account

  • How to  set up your Twitter page.
  • Overview of the key sections of Twitter.
  • How to create lists and add people to lists.
  • How to tweet/retweet/mention/reply.

How to use Twitter or marketing

  • Starting out – What not to do... and what to do.
  • How to grow your followers and target customers.

How to get your tweets seen by more people

  • How to check your reach, check when your followers use Twitter, schedule tweets.

Recap on the main ways to use Twitter for your business

  • How to use Twitter to promote your products/offers.
  • How to use Twitter to drive traffic to your website.
  • How to use Twitter to get noticed by potential customers or partners.
  • How to use Twitter to build rapport with customers.