Kildare Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP)

What is Kildare LECP?

  • In 2015 all Local Authorities are required to produce a six year Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP) 2016-2021.
  • Kildare LECP 2016-2021 will be the economic and community plan for the county.
  • Kildare LECP will set out the objectives and actions needed to promote and support the economic and local/community development for Kildare.
  • This is linked to Local Government Reform, and is outlined in the Local Government Act 2014.
  • National guidelines were issued in January 2015, setting out how LECP plans should be developed across all Local Authority areas.
  • Planning for Kildare LECP is underway.


  • Kildare LECP needs a lot of input to ensure that it is a high quality, meaningful, prioritised plan.
  • In order for this to happen, data and evidence will inform the consultation stage. This is being gathered by AIRO in Maynooth University.
  • Consultation with a range of stakeholders – local businesses, state agencies, elected representatives, voluntary sector organisations and the general public will take place in the coming months.
  • Opportunities to get involved will be advertised. Watch out for information on Kildare LECP through local press, KFM radio, and websites:, and


  • Kildare LECP will be adopted by Kildare County Council. Economic Development strategies will be developed by the Economic Development, Enterprise and Planning Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) of Kildare County Council.
  • Community Development strategies will be developed by Kildare Local Community Development Committee (LCDC).
  • Kildare Advisory Steering Group is in place. They are overseeing the planning process.
  • An integrated approach to developing the plan is agreed.


The LECP follows a five step process. Kildare LECP will be finished by December 2015

  • January–April Preparation
  • May –September Consultation
  • October Draft Plan
  • November–December Finalise the Plan
  • 2016 and onwards Implementation / Monitor / Review


If you have a question at this stage or want further information

Please email or contact Lorcan Griffin (Economic) on 045-980775 or Susan Bookle (Community) on 045-980634.

Visit the LECP website page here