LEO & Original Kildare: Meet Warren Hayes of Coolree Designs

Kildare's Craft Network: Original Kildare

Kildare Local Enterprise Office Supporting the Best in Craft & Design

Kildare Local Enterprise Office works closely with the craft and design sector in county Kildare, providing practical business support to new and existing makers, creators and artists.

Most recently, Kildare Local Enterprise Office provided a unique training programme to develop a craft network in county Kildare. The programme enabled local craft entrepreneurs to learn the skills needed to establish and operate a craft network. 

Supported by County Kildare LEADER Partnership and Kildare Local Enterprise Office, the aim of the craft network is to bring exciting opportunities to the many talented craft entrepreneurs in county Kildare, and to develop Kildare as an internationally recognised home for the best in Craft & Design. 

Following the delivery of the programme, Original Kildare was established in 2020

The members of the group are keen to emphasise their individual craft roots.

The Craft Businesses of Kildare - Meet Warren Hayes

Warren Hayes of Coolree Design produces high-end household furniture and accessories.

Each hand-crafted piece adheres to an ethically minded ethos rooted in using only sustainably sourced solid timber to bring beautiful and functional designs to life.  

No two items are the same as Coolree Design’s products embrace the stunning individual markings of the wood’s grain.

We’re passionate about producing functional and beautiful wooden pieces for the home. Across our collections of carefully considered hand-crafted homewares, we’re constantly working to create contemporary models of household items often taken for granted. It’s often these items that make for thoughtful gifts for friends and family, little luxuries to enjoy daily.”


About Original Kildare Network

The network has been great for sharing ideas and getting to know other craftspeople in Kildare.

Its nice to chat to others who are also running their own businesses,  we often come against the same issues and are always there to help each other.

Support from Kildare Local Enterprise Office

“The support from Kildare Local Enterprise Office has been great, I have joined a number of the online courses they provide, as well as getting support through the Trading Online Voucher which enabled me to create a new website to increase product sales.”


More from Coolree Design

Warren’s products are available on his website at coolreedesign.ie

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