Apply for the Productivity Voucher worth €2,500

Develop A More Productive, Efficient, Streamlined Business

We are ready to help you make it happen, if you are ready. Ready to take a hard look at your business? Are you ready to use what you’ve got to improve your operation? Are you receptive to expert advice? If so, join the Productivity Challenge – a national programme that wants to help your small business do better; by funding, resourcing and advising you towards a more productive future.

SMEs can now apply for one of 200 productivity vouchers valued at €2,500 each, to help them develop a more efficient and productive business operation.

It’s not easy being an SME. You’ve survived startup and it’s time to build your business into a more viable, productive player in an increasingly challenging market. There’s a lot of potential to be tapped, a lot of things you need to fix, a lot of improvements needed to survive the challenges ahead. And to top it off, you’ve built a working team that depends on your leadership.

The Scheme is a competitive funding initiative for a limited time only

Productivity Voucher