Are Your Employees Considered ESSENTIAL WORKERS?


Are Your Employees Considered ESSENTIAL WORKERS?


We have drafted a template letter to be given to employees considered Essential Workers:




28th March 2020  


REF: Essential Work  




Dear Colleague,  


As you are aware, An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar issued new COVID-19 measures on Friday evening 27th March 2020.  


Our business is deemed an essential business and thus you are deemed an essential worker. Your role as an essential worker includes: 

-  (insert details of job role/responsibilities) 





Please take this letter with you as you travel to and from work. It will assure the authorities that you are playing a vital role in this time of crisis.  


Thank you sincerely for all that you are doing for our company but more importantly, the vital role you are playing for our great Nation.  


Stay safe and please be reminded to follow all of the important health and safety protocols both we and the HSE have advised you of.  




Your sincerely,  



Company CEO