Exporting Success Seminar

Export Success Seminar 3rd April 2019

On Tuesday 2nd April, Kildare County Council’s Local Enterprise Office, in collaboration with the Kildare Chamber of Commerce welcomed over 50 clients to the Osprey Hotel for ‘Exporting Success’ - a global exporting seminar for those with ambitions to expand into overseas markets.

See below the presentations from both JP Kalmeijer and Kilian Duignan.

Expert in maximising sales through exports, Kilian Duignan of Gateway Consulting shared an overview of the potential risk areas and provided strategies for operating in a no deal Brexit environment. He highlighted the financial and advisory supports available to Kildare SMEs from Enterprise Ireland, Local Enterprise Office Kildare and Intertrade Ireland in this time of economic uncertainty.

JP Kalmeijer of Cognegy specialises in strategy centric growth and profitability for US markets. His expertise and experience lies in the field of Strategic Business Development, internationalization, encompassing sales, marketing, finance and logistics. JP gave insight into the geographic, cultural and legal differences in doing business with the EU and the USA, and spoke about the opportunities available to Irish SMEs in the USA.