Global Business Opportunities for You - Enterprise Europe Network


Global Business Opportunities for You - Enterprise Europe Network

We'd like to let you know about a number of recently published enquiries in the Enterprise Europe Network database.

See below, a number of Lithuanian companies seeking collaborative opportunities. We hope that you can find some of these partnership proposals useful;


BOLT20181217001 - A Lithuanian company, specialized in furniture manufacturing, is looking for distributors under commercial agency, manufacturing or subcontracting agreement.

BOLT20190424001 -  A Lithuanian company specializing in wood processing and wood products offers production under manufacturing agreement.

BOLT20190212001 - Lithuanian company, specializing in producing wooden goods is searching for partners worldwide to work under commercial agency, distributor or manufacturing agreement.



BOLT20181228001 - A Lithuanian company, specializing in metalworking, shipbuilding and repair, is looking for new partners to grow their business internationally working under outsourcing, service, and subcontracting agreements

BOLT20180607001 - Lithuanian manufacturer of industrial steel and stainless steel products is searching for partners and offers manufacturing or subcontracting agreements.

BOLT20180907001 - A Lithuanian company offers stainless steel processing and conveyor systems manufacturing capacities under manufacturing agreement.

BOLT20190206001 - A Lithuanian metalworking company is looking for foreign partners to work under manufacturing, subcontracting or distribution service agreement.

BOLT20181211001 - Lithuanian company specializing in manufacturing of chipper blades is searching for partners under distribution or outsourcing agreements.

BOLT20180725001 - Lithuanian company that designs and manufactures metal products and mechanisms is looking for partners under subcontracting and manufacturing agreements.

BOLT20190426001 - Lithuanian vessels Construction Company seeks subcontracting partners.


BOLT20190925001 -    A Lithuanian company specialized in the production, repairs and testing of marine/industrial piping is looking for partners for manufacturing or subcontracting agreement.




BOLT20190313001 - Lithuanian company, specializing in recruitment of construction sector workers, is looking for foreign partners to work under service agreement.

BOLT20190426001 - Lithuanian vessels Construction Company seeks subcontracting partners.



BOLT20181206001 - Lithuanian company manufacturing linen textiles is looking for retailers or distributors under a distribution service agreement.

      BOLT20191024001 - A Lithuanian sewing company is offering their services and is looking for partners to work under joint venture, manufacturing or subcontracting      agreement. (Still under review)




BOLT20181012001 - Lithuanian honey mixtures producer seeks distributors.

BOLT20180102001 - A Lithuanian family-run winery, specializing in natural fruits and berries wine production using 150 years old winemaking traditions is looking for distributors under distribution services agreement.

BOLT20190110001 - Lithuanian scientific research company, specializing in production of pure and healthy water products using unique techniques, is looking for distributors and importers under distribution services agreement.

BOLT20190117001 - Lithuanian company, which is producing vegan, gluten free desserts and snacks, is searching for a foreign partner to work under distribution services or manufacturing agreement.

BOLT20190214001 - Manufacturer of fish from Lithuania is searching for foreign partners to work under distribution service or manufacturing agreement.

BOLT20190613001 - A Lithuanian company that is manufacturing different milk products is looking for distributors.




BOLT20180605002- A Lithuanian manufacturer of doors and plastic windows is looking for distributors, commercial agents and offers subcontracting agreement

BOLT20190514002 -  A Lithuanian manufacturer of plastic doors and windows is looking for distributors in Spain.



BOLT20190204001 - A Lithuanian company, specializing in kitchen furniture, is searching for partners to work under distribution service, manufacturing or joint venture agreement.



BOLT20190502001 - Lithuanian company provides flexible logistic services and offers cooperation under joint venture or subcontracting agreement for Swedish or Norwegian companies.

BOLT20190426002 - A Lithuanian company is offering their warehouse service and is looking for potential partners to work under outsourcing agreement.



BOLT20190430001 - A Lithuanian printing company offers full-color printing and all the related services under manufacturing agreement, outsourcing agreement or subcontracting.

BOLT20181218001 - A Lithuanian company specializing in manufacturing of packaging materials is looking for partners under distribution services agreement.



BOLT20190614001 - A Lithuanian company specialized in manufacturing, maintenance and development of technological equipment offers manufacturing, subcontracting and services agreements.



BOLT20180704001 - Lithuanian company specialized in customs a brokerage service is looking for joint ventures and other types of partnership with companies/individuals in Germany.



BOLT20181005001 - A Lithuanian PET blow molding machines and PET tare producer is looking for commercial agents and offers manufacturing agreement.

BOLT20171218001 – A Lithuanian company, specialized in supply of paving bitumen, is looking for export opportunities under commercial agency or distribution services agreements.

BOLT20170411002 - A Lithuanian company specialized in production of leather goods is looking for agents, representatives and distributors.