Offers of supplies and services to respond to COVID-19

Since the arrival of Covid-19 in Ireland, many businesses have contacted public bodies to offer support through the supply or donation of goods and services. The Office of Government Procurement, on behalf of Department of the Taoiseach, has now created a central database of these offers on behalf of the whole of the public service, including the HSE.

If your organisation has received offers of goods or services to assist in Ireland’s response to COVID-19, please now direct those businesses to and ask them to submit complete details of their offer. A template email to assist in this is attached.

This form can also be used by other publicly funded and voluntary bodies, including educational institutions, who wish to offer goods or services to assist in Ireland’s response to Covid-19.

It should be noted that this database is provided solely for this emergency period. This service does not replace the normal procurement procedures already in place.

Please consult the OGP website for further information on Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and Public Procurement.