2018 Economic Outlook & Brexit Briefing

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A Vibrant Economic Outlook for Kildare


A vibrant, competitive and self sustaining strategy for Kildare as the business community learn to mitigate the impacts Brexit will pose at LEO Kildare’s Economic Outlook Briefing in the Osprey.


Hosted by Local Enterprise Office Kildare and Kildare County Council, and in partnership with Bank of Ireland and County Kildare Chamber the Economic Outlook Briefing took place on Wednesday 24th January.



The briefing was designed to provide businesses and attendees with a practical insight into how the 2018 environment will look locally, nationally and in the global context.



CEO Kildare County Council Mr. Peter Carey welcomed the 100 guests as he led discussion on Kildare’s infrastructure and investment strategy. As the second fastest growing county in the country with a population exceeding 222,500, Kildare boasts significant assets, tourism opportunities and major industries. His vision for Kildare sees our county as the desired location for business development, education opportunities and cultural enrichment.

 P Carey



Brian Murphy of the Irish Exporters Association suggested that a Brexit Ready Plan was vital for all Irish exporters, and this plan should be practical, maximise existing resources and use scenario planning to mitigate operational risks. He suggested that businesses should begin planning now, up skilling and building knowledge on import/export declarations, the Union Customs Code (UCC) which is the main legal provision for export of goods from EU, and tariff classifications for all export products. While Brian insisted that “The only certainty in Brexit is uncertainty,” his overall outlook was that Brexit would be a positive disruptor to our economy and suggested that we had become over dependent on the single market, rather than maximising global trade opportunities.

 Brian Murphy


Finally, Head of Enterprise in LEO Kildare, Jacqui McNabb informed all attendees of the extensive supports available to business in Kidlare, including those specifically designed as Brexit-ready supports. For any business concerned about the implications Brexit will have on their operations and trade they should contact LEO Kildare to discuss an individualised Brexit-ready plan.

 J McNabb

Jacqui’s key message was, “Regardless of the size of the business you operate, you should contact LEO Kildare to see how we can help and support your business in 2018. LEO Kildare is looking forward to working with you and your business in 2018!”