Bookkeeping and Taxation for SMEs

Online interactive workshop delivered via Zoom
2 day course: Weds 5th and 12th May
9.30am - 4.30pm
Business Training

Aimed at those who are involved in running a small business, the course will provide participants with tools to keep a set of books, manage their finances, and comply with tax obligations. Two day course. For Kildare based businesses only.

This event is no longer available

Bookkeeping and Taxation for SMEs

Course Aim:

  • To provide participants with tools to keep a set of books, manage their finances and comply with tax obligations
  • Cover all elements of setting up a simple bookkeeping system
  • Provide Trainees with understanding of the Irish tax system and calculating tax liabilities

Course Objectives:

  • At the end of this course Trainees should be able to
  • Understand tax compliance and planning
  • Understand tax administration in a small business
  • Manage taxes effectively
  • Keep appropriate records and start to prepare daybooks
  • Understand inputs and outputs of good bookkeeping
  • Execute proper controls for good bookkeeping
  • Extract key information for taxation and financial management purposes

Course Delivery:

  • 2 full-day course
  • This course will be delivered via Zoom. Details about how to log in will be emailed to you following registration.
  • Course materials will be available online prior to and during sessions using Moodle.

Delivered by:

ACE Training