Brexit: Guide to VAT and Duties

Online interactive workshop delivered via Zoom
Fri 12th Feb
10am - 12:30pm
Business Training

This online interactive workshop will provide participants with an understanding of the implications of VAT and tariffs arising from Brexit. For Kildare based businesses only.

This event is no longer available

Brexit: Guide to VAT and Duties

Following feedback from a recent Brexit survey, we discovered that Kildare businesses are seeking more information and training around the implications of VAT and tariffs arising from Brexit. We have designed this programme to support businesses affected by these changes. At the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the implications of VAT arising from Brexit
  • Understand the implications of Tariffs arising from Brexit
  • Have an ‘Action Plan’ for their business

Course Content

Part 1:


Commodity codes

Rules of Origin

Transactions: Importing and Exporting

Questions and answers

Part 2:

Guidelines on VAT and Tariffs

Case Studies

Action plan

Delivered by

Paul Murtagh