Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Online interactive workshop delivered via ZOOM
NOTE: Tuesday 8th September
Business Training

Focusing on the strategic side of Customer Service, developing a Customer Service Initiative.

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Delivering Excellent Customer Service

In an increasingly competitive commercial environment where the consumer has more choice than ever, the service provider has to find ways to differentiate their businesses from their competitors.

Traditional approaches to this challenge are less effective as it is harder and more expensive today to offer a really different, product, price, distribution system or convincing promotion. The course looks at developing a customer centric business as the answer.

The programmes’ initial focus is on the strategic side of Customer Service, how to develop and implement a Customer Service Initiative. Conducting a customer service audit of your business, looking at best practice initiatives.

The second part covers the processes and frontline people skills that will enable you and your people to turn complaints into opportunities, effectively handle enquiries, compliments, or any customer interaction and meet and exceed Customer expectations, Turning your customers into advocates for your business.

Strategic Customer Service - The Planning Process

Auditing Your business

  • Feedback Systems
  • Elements common to failure
  • Why Businesses lose Customers
  • The lifetime Value of a Customer
  • Elements common to success
  • 5 Rules to follow

Models of Excellence

  • The Cycle of Service
  • Moments of Truth
  • The Three Circles of Customer Service
  • The Four P’s in Customer Service
  • The Six Steps on the Customer Service Ladder
  • The Seven Essentials for the 21st Century Customer

Action Plan

How to implement a Customer Service excellence strategy


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