Managing a Business Team

Online interactive workshop delivered via Zoom
12th and 19th May
9:30am - 4:30pm
Business Training

This online interactive programme will support participant companies to increase the potential to grow, enhance the staff motivation and contribution, and allow the owners to make informed choices on the future strategy of their business. For Kildare based businesses only. If this course is booked out, please email us and we will either add an extra space for you or organise a new date*


Managing a Business Team

This programme will support the participant companies to increase the potential to grow, enhance the staff motivation and contribution and allow the owners make informed choices on future strategy of their business.

Every small business, manufacturer or service provider, commences with an idea and an entrepreneur who creates and delivers on the business role.

The entrepreneur is often the only staff at commencement and takes on all functions of the business. As it grows the staff numbers increase bringing additional skills and capacity to the business and allows it to become strong and sustainable and generate potential to develop and expand.

As the business and staff numbers grow there is a need to ensure that the business recruits the right people for the project, ensure that the skills match the requirements and that the performance is managed and measured. 

This element allows the owner/supervisor to assess the production capacity and competence of its staff and make decisions for programmes to increase the development and expansion potential.

  • Management of staff is based on information, clarity of roles and performance measurement. The programme provides a structured approach to staff recruitment, job roles, and performance management and measurement.
  • It will look at operational structures within the business, assess the strengths of the supervisory function and support the business in resolution of disputes and conflict.
  • On completion the promoter will have a clear vision of supervisory management systems as well as revised Standard Operating Procedures.

Course Objective:

To provide workshop to support the business owner develop and implement an operational structure to harness the potential of its staff and contribute to enhanced commitment and productivity.

Aimed at:

Managers/ Supervisors/Business Owners/Managers.

Course Content:

The programme modules include:

Day 1.

Module 1. Line Management Role and Responsibilities.

Module 2. Recruitment-Selection-Contracts.

Module 3. Induction-Probation-Delegation.

Module 4. Performance Management Process & Purpose.


Day 2.

Module 5. Record Management & Compliance

Module 6. Grievance & Discipline Policies with staff handbook- Managing Conflict.

Module 7. Communications & Delegation.

Module 8. Business Operational Structure & Meetings Management.

Delivered by

Midlands Business Training Ltd

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