New Market Development Programme - 13th September

Remote interactive network session delivered via Zoom
Tuesday 13th September
9.30am - 4.30pm
Management Development

Looking to overcome the effects of Covid-19 and Brexit on your business? Perhaps you have some online sales to international customers and you are wondering how to grow these sales? This workshop will provide participants with the knowledge and tools to successfully draft and execute an effective export strategy.


New Market Development Programme

SMEs are important in any national exporting landscape. They present the backbone of the economy in terms of employment and supply chain development but also show the economy possible route to expanding growth. In Ireland, the significance of SMEs to the national exporting landscape cannot be understated.

As Brexit refuses to settle down and the world emerges from a Covid-19 hibernation and a very long economic tail, there are significant changes occurring in natural export markets for Kildare companies. The shift away from the East and a need to understand the origins and nature of products is moving a price sensitive supply chain to a focus on a reliable, stable supply chain.

What is the solution?

In order to prepare companies for future export growth, we know that exporters will have a written strategy and a business plan that demonstrates this intent and focus and additionally have a structured and strategic approach to their business and their exporting activity. Whilst exporting begins as an ad-hoc and opportunity-driven action rather than a strategic decision it is apparent that the real winners are those that move it on to a strategic footing quickly and in a structured manner.

The session will explore all elements required to begin exporting, including:

  • Market Research:
    • Assessing the Market
    • Assessing your Business
  • Sales and Marketing:
    • Developing a Value Proposition for International Markets
    • Selecting the right market for your Business
  • Implementing and Monitoring your Plan
  • Developing an Export Plan

The session will also feature case studies and live examples of what other successful exporters have done and what set them apart to sustain their business internationally.

After the workshop, you will have 3 hours of 1-to-1 mentoring to help you to draft your export plan.

Join us on Wednesday 25th May to discover new markets for your business. 

Workshop Objectives

  1. Share what is required to export successfully and sustainably.
  2. Equip owner-managers with the skills to develop a formal export-focused action plan should they wish to commence exporting and advise them on what the next steps are.   
  3. Meet with other like-minded businesses looking to start or grow on their export journey and learn about what ecosystem of supports are available to help businesses locally and internationally.  
  4. Draft a functional and actionable "Export Plan" to help your business branch out into new export markets.