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TECH CLUSTER: A.I. Governance - 10th July

Merits, Devoy Pk, Naas, W91 FE8V
10th July 2024

This event is no longer available

TECH CLUSTER: A.I. Governance - 10th July

We are hosting our next Tech Cluster evening in MERITS on Wednesday 10th July, with food and networking from 6:30-7pm, followed by an insightful, beyond the hype, delve into A.I. Governance.


Here’s what we’ll cover:


  • Overview of A.I. concerns – going beyond the hype and into real-world worries.
    • Recent examples of A.I. failures including looking at some highly consequential examples of A.I. going rogue.
    • Defining A.I. in this context – what types of systems are we dealing with and what sets them apart from other types of software and data technologies.
    • The need for A.I. governance:
    • Situations where autonomous systems can cause harm.
    • Technical causes of such issues – hallucinations, bad prompts, poisoned data, weak training, lack of guardrails.
    • Ethical issues and how humans can approach them badly, setting A.I. up to fail (how we get the trolley problem wrong).
  • A.I. Governance Approaches
    • The new EU AI Act and what it means.
    • Risk management-based governance techniques.
    • Practical steps for governing A.I. systems.



We want to ensure that our clients stay informed about ethical guidelines, legal frameworks and the best practices for implementing A.I.

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