The Business Pathway Programme

Osprey Hotel
Wednesday 22nd November
Business Training

The Business Pathway Programme is a half-day training delivered to individuals(unemployed or looking for a new career path) considering self employment

This event is no longer available


Please note:

If you fail to show up for the workshop or cancel within 24 hours of the time, you will incur a charge of €30.

This is a 4 hour workshop and attendees are required to stay for the full duration of the programme

The Business Pathway Programme is a half-day training delivered to individuals considering the possibility of setting up their own business.
The Business Pathway Programme is designed for pre-trading business and entrepreneurs with a business idea.
Participants will be advised on available supports and will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to present their business case and sell their idea to potential customers.

If there any specific areas that you would like covered during the workshop please Email:

Topics Covered Include:
  • The Entrepreneur – Necessary Characteristics
  • The Processes – Demystifying the core start up processes of Research, Planning, & Management
  • Preparation & Focus – Crucial steps for setting up a successful business, and help to better understand your business and the challenges that lie ahead.
The overall aim of this Programme is to provide attendees with a more meaningful information platform to help you fully understand what is involved in successfully setting up a business today. Places on this Programme are free of charge; however each Programme is limited to 8 participants.