Video Marketing with a Smartphone

The Osprey Hotel, Naas, Kildare
26th Nov and 3rd Dec

Online video marketing has become more sophisticated and is seen by businesses as fundamental to any of their marketing strategies.

This event is no longer available

Online video marketing has become more sophisticated and is seen by businesses as fundamental to any of their marketing strategies. Video auto-play ads are already dominating Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds. The amount of video in News Feeds globally on Facebook has increased by 3.6 times each year while users are now spending an average of 35 minutes a day viewing content on YouTube.

This course will teach participants how to use online video to market their business along with how to shoot and edit a marketing or promotional video on a budget. It will explain how small businesses are using video successfully, along with the type of videos that can be created with a short turnaround and a low budget and which would best suit their business objectives.


Course Outline

Day 1: will equip the participants with the conceptual, visual and scripting skills they need to conceive and plan their video along with the practical skills needed to record high quality audio and video using their mobile phones and additional hardware & software required for same. After this first session, armed with a blueprint for their video and the skills to shoot their video & audio content, they will record this content in time for the second day of training (proposed to take place 2 weeks later).

Day 2: The morning session will equip the participants with the necessary editing tools and techniques to turn the collection of raw content into a final finished video, including voice-over, music, effects and titles. The afternoon session of Day 2 allows participants to work with the trainer and tutors off their video and complete the training course with a final finished piece ready for upload.

Each participant will be provided with the key hardware and software that will be need for their phone/ tablet to deliver the training, which the participants will be able to take home in order to continue their own future video productions.

All participants will need to have a smartphone/tablet and will be contacted by the trainer prior to the course in order to ensure that the software is compatible with their phone.

In the event that a course or event is cancelled for any reason, participants will be notified prior to the commencement of the course and a full refund will be issued. Fees are NON REFUNDABLE except where a course is cancelled by Local Enterprise Office due to insufficient bookings.