Smart Option Business Loan

St. Canice's Credit Union has established the SmartOption Business Loan to provide a flexible and convenient source of credit for those looking to set-up or expand their existing small business.

The Local Enterprise Office Kilkenny has partnered with St. Canice's Kilkenny Credit Union to promote the SmartOption Business Loan, assist in evaluating applications and offer business related mentoring services.

Applicants to the loan scheme must be eligible for membership of St. Canice's Kilkenny Credit Union (i.e. they must be living, working or operating a business within the common bond area).

Details of the loan available include:

  • Loans up to €50,000
  • Loan term up to 5 years
  • Interest Rate 6.4% (6.6%) APR variable
* For a €20,000 variable interest rate loan with 60 monthly repayments of €396.02, an interest rate of 6.4% and a representative APR of 6.6%, the total amount payable by the member is €23,761.20. (Information correct as of October 2015) 

For more information, please contact a member of our staff or the Loan's Officer, St. Canice's Kilkenny Credit Union

Case studies

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