Global business opportunities open up for Irish SMEs through the Enterprise Europe Network

EEN Logo Update December 2020

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), the world’s largest support network for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) announced a new partnership with 31 Local Enterprise Offices in Ireland. This will mean free access for Irish companies to Europe’s largest database with up to 10,000 new business and technology opportunities in the EU and many other major global markets. The EEN helps Irish companies to make the most of business and technology opportunities in the EU and major other global markets, with close to 600 business support organisations in up to 60 countries including China, USA, Japan, India, Russia, Brazil, Canada etc.

The Enterprise Europe Network in Ireland is a joint partnership between Enterprise Ireland, Local Enterprise Offices, Dublin Chamber of Commerce and Cork Chamber of Commerce. Launched in January, the Network is co-financed under ‘COSME’, the EU funding programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and SMEs. The services are tailored for SMEs but are also available to all other businesses, universities and research centres.


Information on the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) can be found on the dedicated Irish website as well as the EU website

To access your local EEN advisor please contact Local Enterprise Office Kilkenny 


Core Services offered by the Enterprise Europe Network 

  1. International Business Partner Searches
  2. International Enquiry Assistance
  3. R&D Funding (European Grants)
  4. Intellectual Property Protection Advice
  5. Brokerage Events
  6. Product & Service Requests
  7. Product & Service Offerings
  8. Technology Transfer

Irish Website  


EU Website

YouTube Enterprise Europe Network: A broad range of services for growth-oriented SMEs