125122 Business Idea Generation

Ferrybank Library, Ferrybank, Co. Kilkenny.
A half day course on Wednesday 18th October 2017
10.00am - 1.00pm

The first part of the workshop is dedicated to explaining and demonstrating how to use practical innovation and creative thinking tools. Once they are covered, the tutor will then move on to the important element - how to apply those tools to develop a business, create a job for themselves, or choose a new career and do it effectively and at little or no costs.

This event is no longer available

A half-day workshop which will provide participants with the tools and techniques that will enable them to see problems as challenges and change challenges into opportunities’’

Training Aim: To give the participants an understanding of what innovation is. This workshop aims to explain some of the key innovation and creative thinking tools; show how they work and how to use them. The participants will leave with samples, examples and ‘how to’ so they can become practical innovators.