125220 Start Your Own Food Business Programme

School of Food, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny
Commencing Tuesday 6th June 2017 for 2 consecutive weeks
9.30am - 4.30pm
Start Your Own Business

This is a short two day programme designed to help those with a food idea, or those at a very early stage of starting up a food business (typically the first 24 months). While certain aspects of the programme are relevant to those setting up cafes/restaurants, the core programme content is designed for those producing food to be sold through third parties i.e. food producers.

Only 2 remaining

This course will specialise on food entrepreneurs and provide them with the basic knowledge on how to set up their own food businesses

Modules to be covered include:

  1. Starting up/Getting Started
  2. Identifying, Understanding & Researching the Target Market
  3. Tax, Law and Insurance
  4. Financial Planning, (pricing, costing etc.) & Sources of Finance
  5. Promoting your Business
  6. Sales and Service
  7. Basic Book-keeping
  8. Developing your Business Plan