126172 Branding & Identity Design for the Small Business

Butler House, Patrick Street, Kilkenny
1 day course on Wednesday 17th May, 2017
9.30am - 4.30pm
Business Training

This programme aims to help small business owners identify their unique offering and connect with their target customer to build a successful brand. It focuses on how an integrated and consistent communication of the core brand/business message across all customer touch points lead to successful brand building

This event is no longer available

This programme has a principal theme which is Keeping Your customer Central to your Business.

  1. Desk research, local and national resources.
  2. Field research, qualitative and quantitative, designing a questionnaire, online surveys.
  3. Connecting with your target audience/persona development.
  4. Positioning - identifying your Brand essence.
  5. Defining your logo in accordance with your brand identity.
  6. Creating a coordinated "look" for your artwork, logo from invoice to Facebook page.
  7. Developing your key sales messages that help you stand out from competitors (USP Ultimate Selling Proposition).