126183 Building a Successful Brand for your Business, Product or Service NEW

Abbey Business Centre, Abbey Street, Kilkenny
Thursday 25th October
9.30am - 4.30pm
Business Training

Participants will learn the key elements of developing a brand and look at why the logo, design packaging, photography, etc are so effective in differentiating the business.

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This workshop will focus on the key elements of developing a brand - defining a brand, determining brand values, branding the business, product or service and building the brand.

It will look at identity design using a number of branding exercises and concentrate on how to craft a logo so that is communicates the core brand message and brand values, is memorable and distinctive and has an emotional connection with customers.  It will look at what makes a good logo design, the importance of design packaging, imagery/photography, etc., in differentiating the business, product or service from the competition.