270214 Vlogging

Kilkenny Education Centre, Callan Road, Kilkenny
Thursday 2nd May
9.30am - 4.30pm
Social Media

It is easy to create a free video blog and it is a great way to reach out to audiences and show off your business or services. A video blog, or vlog, is a collection of videos - your own or your favourites - posted on your website.

This event is no longer available

With a camcorder, editing software and a high speed internet connection, you are well on your way to producing a successful video blog. 

This course will take you through the things to think about in order to make your vlog a success.

  • Finding a purpose for Vlogging in your business
  • Making your vlogs about something interesting
  • Choosing a Host - Usually your website or other providers such as YouTube or Vimeo etc
  • Naming your vlog - Catchy and relevant titles
  • Using blog name generators, Cool Name Ideas, Domain Wheel
  • Preparing the content - deciding what works
  • Posting your videos
  • Promoting your vlog
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Updating to stay relevant