Instagram for Beginners

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Monday 2nd November
2.00pm - 4.00pm
Business Training

This workshop will give participants the skills, tools and knowledge to be able to use Instagram effectively in their business for networking and customer acquisition.

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Course Content

• Setting up an Instagram professional/business account and linking it to other platforms.  

• Profile / bio – tips on how to write a good Instagram bio and how to use the link section  

• Strategy – why use Instagram. Deciding on your goals, objectives and targets. 

 • Understanding Instagram’s newsfeed filter and how to ensure you are discoverable in search  

• Hands on experience using Instagram’s features and tools including:  taking and editing photos for the grid and stories, creating highlights and customizing highlight covers, IGTV, Using search feature to locate relevant accounts to follow and find relevant #hashtags 

• Introduction to image and video apps like Canva, Ripl, Wave etc. 

• Using #hashtags and why they are so important in Instagram  

• Monitoring – applications and Insights for monitoring your success 

• Advertising – key steps to promoting an image via the Instagram app 

• Case Studies – other businesses that are succeeding on Instagram

Practical elements

• Hands on experience using the Instagram app – working through a checklist to ensure everyone is brought all key features and tools 

To take part in the practical elements all participants should bring a fully charged smartphone for this workshop