Your Responsibility as a Company Director

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Monday 12th April
2.00pm - 4.30pm
Business Training

This programme provides participants with the knowledge necessary to function effectively as a director and provides an in-depth view of the role, responsibilities and legal duties of a director

This event is no longer available

Understanding a Director's responsibilities to his/her own company and the public in general is critically important in today's challenging business environment. With a plethora of corporate, employment and commercial legislation in place, it is critically important that any appointed Company Director understands the legal and managerial responsibilities and obligations of the role.


  • Powers of a Director
  • Legal responsibilities of a Director
  • Corporate Governance and Business Management
  • Compliance responsibilities
  • Appointment and Removal of Directors
  • The Role of the Company Secretary


  • How to function effectively as a Director
  • Understand the legal responsibilities of the Director Role
  • Implementation and maintenance of a robust Corporate Governance framework within an organisation

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Due to the limited number of spaces available, this programme is limited to Businesses based in Kilkenny (City and County) only.
If you are from outside this region and are interested in a programme similar to what we are offering, we would kindly request that you get in touch with the Local Enterprise Office in your region and they will advise you if they are planning to run a similar programme. Thank you for your co-operation.