Financial Capability Training

Duration:                    2 days  group training plus  4 on-site visits

Aimed at: Managers and Line Managers who wish to improve their confidence in dealing with, and the general understanding of, business accounts in addition to budgetary and financial management.

Key Benefits:

  • Improve financial management capability to stabilise and grow your business in an environment of Brexit
  • Understand key financial terms, read and interpret figures to help you manage your business finances more effectively. Use company financial information to manage your day to day operations
  • Read and interpret financial reports
  • Strengthen your financial position to support the business in dealing with Brexit
  • Gain greater control of their relationships with external financiers, accountants and their own internal management team
  • Review your costing and pricing and ensure the details are in place to secure sustainability and growth
  • Understand cashflow and key factors affecting cashflow
  • Establish financial procedures which work for your business
  • Ascertain what they need to do to enable their business to grow profitably

Structure Outline :  Two Group Training  Modules delivered over  two training days:

Module 1: Financial Management – includes calculating margins

Module 2 : Costing, Pricing & Breakeven Analysis

Follow – Up – Four on-site visits per participant company ( may be held online depending on restrictions at the time)

NOTE: programme can be flexible to meet trainee needs based on results from pre training questionnaire, the financial health check or feedback from trainees

Pre – Training Questionnaire will be issued to Candidates prior to training.

Training Methods used – case studies based on real life experiences (tried and tested over the years) and specifically focused on business types attending, discussion, buzz groups, talks, research projects, demonstration, question and answer sessions.