Financial Capability Training

Financial Capability Training Programme

Programme description: The Financial Capability Training Programme is being offered to clients of Leitrim Local Enterprise Office and delivered by experienced Chartered Accountants. The programme will improve your skills and confidence in dealing with your business accounts. It will improve your understanding of  cashflow as well as budgetary and financial management. It will be delivered through short, practical, virtual group workshops and virtual one-to-one sessions to assist you to apply what you have learned during the programme directly to your own business.

Who Should Attend?

  • Owner Managers or Finance Managers of Micro Enterprises
  • Businesses directly and indirectly affected by Brexit
  • Businesses importing and /or exporting from and to UK
  • Established business - trading for a minimum of 18 months

Duration: 4 x 3 hour online group training sessions plus 4 x 3 hour one-to-one sessions

Dates: 15th and 16th March – 10am-1pm and April 26th and 28th 

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What outcomes can you expect from this Programme?

  1. Improved financial management capability to assist you to stabilise and grow your business in an environment of Brexit
  2. Greater ability to use financial information to strengthen your financial position to support the business in dealing with Brexit
  3. The skills to carry out a Financial Health Check of your business
  4. Increased ability to read, understand, interpret and analyse financial reports
  5. Knowledge of how to prepare & review cashflow, manage cashflow & more accurately project future cashflow
  6. Ability to review your internal financial management capability (including profit margins, costing, pricing, breakeven and systems)
  7. Deeper understanding of finance, enabling you to gain greater control of your relationships with external financiers and accountants 
  8. Increased ability to confidently present financial information to banks, grant providers and investors

Your time commitment:

  • Two Training Modules delivered over four half day group sessions – 12 hours online training
  • Four Follow – Up One to One Meetings with a Chartered Accountant per participant company

How the Programme Works & Course outline:

After you book, the Trainer will contact you and ask you to complete a pre-training questionnaire.

Your questionnaire answers and feedback during group training sessions will shape how your 1-1 sessions will be tailored to suit your specific needs, ensuring maximum benefit from the programme.

The Programme Trainer is a group of highly-experienced Chartered Accountants, with significant business training expertise.

Module 1: Financial Management 1: Understanding, Analysing and Using financial information – 6 hours online training, delivered over 2 x 3 hour sessions

Module 2: Financial Management 2: Internal Financial Management- Cashflow, Costing, Pricing & Breakeven Analysis – 6 hours online training, delivered over 2 x 3 hour sessions

NOTE: programme can be flexible to meet trainee needs based on results from pre training questionnaire, the financial health check or feedback from Trainees

For further information contact Michelle Reynolds, Leitrim LEO email

The programme is supported by the Government of Ireland and the European Union in partnership with Enterprise Ireland under the Brexit Border Stimulus Fund