Export Development Programme - Information Briefing

2pm to 5pm

This event is no longer available

North West Export Programme

Agenda & Content for Awareness Briefing

Introduction to Programme (10 mins)

Strategy Crowd Introduction (10 mins)
• Credentials
• Team

Let’s Talk Exporting… (70mins - Interactive)

• Motivation & Strategy
• What’s Different?
• Getting off to a good start… (Market Research)
• Exporting Some things to consider…

BREAK (15mins)

Programme Structure & Delivery (15mins)

Programme Outcomes (15 mins)

An Export Success Story (10 mins)

Next Steps – Application Process (10 mins)

Questions (10 mins)


About the Export Development Programme .......

Specifically designed for first time exporters, early-stage exporters and exporters with growth ambitions, this Export Development Programme, will challenge, stimulate and prepare your company for the challenge of exporting. The strategic decision to grow your business through export markets is an important milestone for most companies and one that requires reflection, evaluation and planning. It is important that companies have ambitions to grow their business in export markets but unplanned and unstructured ventures into exporting can be costly and potentially damaging to your business in the long-term.

This programme with its unique combination of interactive workshops, frameworks and tools, market research insights, in-market webinars with industry experts and 1-2-1 business mentoring, will ensure that your company has a well-planned, well researched and practical export growth strategy for your business.

During the course we will: -
• Challenge your motivations and strategy for entering export markets and begin the journey by understanding and acting on the importance of adequate market research.
• We will examine the different routes to market and managing channel partners in an international business environment.
• We will focus on your Value Proposition; how you will compete in export markets and the international buyer-seller relationship in rapidly changing markets.
• We will help you develop an appreciation of the importance of ‘culture’ to succeed in export markets and its relevance to long-term business relationships.
• Finally, we will challenge you to ensure your business is ‘Export Ready’ from a practical perspective.
• The output from this course will help you develop an Export Growth Strategy and Action Plan

The programme course also includes one-to-one access to and support from experienced business mentors who will advise and coach each company in the development of an export growth strategy and action plans. In addition, each company will be given support from a market research expert who will help transfer market research skills into your business to ensure export opportunities are grounded and validated.

The programme whilst delivered “virtually” is highly inter-active with a focus on practical tools to be applied to your business. Each section will comprise of a mix of information delivery and practical exercises to help participants to develop an export growth strategy and action plan that is aligned to business strategy and objectives. The programme is designed and delivered by StrategyCrowd - an Irish based international consultancy that works with SMEs and start-ups to develop their international sales and business growth strategies.