Facebook for Business - Advanced

10am to 1pm
Social Media

This event is no longer available

This training will be delivered by Barry Murphy over two Tuesday mornings - 23rd and 30th November


By the end of this training, participants will be able to

• Have a clear strategy for what benefits Facebook should bring to their business.
• Understand completely the operation, customisation and management of their Facebook Page and how to drive traffic and sales.
• Be familiar with all aspects of the Admin Panel and Insights.
• Fully understand how to promote using Facebook.

Course Content:

1. Strategy and Management

What is your business is trying to achieve on Facebook?
How your Facebook Page ties in with overall business strategy – does it fit ?
Is Facebook the right medium for your target market?
Time management on social media platforms, especially Facebook.
Social media management tools – Hootsuite.com and Dlvr.it.
Managing interaction on Facebook.

2. Facebook Page Review

Does what you see on your Page compliment your business strategy and branding ?
What type of posts have worked ?
What type of posts have not engaged people ?
Measuring Page effectiveness to date using Insights.
The new Facebook Page layout, as of Oct / Nov 2020.

3. Advanced Header and Posting

Maximising the value of Page header and profile pic space.
Inserting “Call to Action” links in your Page header.
Pinning posts to top of Page.
Choosing and installing beneficial custom tabs (apps).
Advanced Posting Techniques – building engagement and interaction.
Know that people will stop seeing your posts if they do not interact.
Factors that influence when to post.
Running legitimate competitions on Facebook – what is allowed and what is not.

4. Advertising

Creating an advert from scratch.
The Facebook Pixel – remarketing by placing the pixel on a website and building audiences.
Audiences on Facebook – Custom audiences, Lookalike audiences.

5. Other Issues

Facebook live.
Facebook Groups.
A more in-depth look at Insights.
Linking a Facebook Page to your website and other social media platforms, e.g. Instagram and Twitter.