How To Maximise Your Tendering Success Rate | January-December 2023

Sessions are available throughout the year
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Are you having trouble securing tenders? If so these one to one mentoring sessions could prove very useful for your business.


How Can These FREE One-To-One Mentoring Sessions Help Your Business:

  • Are you having trouble securing tenders?
  • Are you unsure of where you are falling short?
  • These sessions will help you to create a ‘pre-prepared tender library’ of information in relation to your business which you can draw on and amend to suit whatever tender comes your way.
  • While a lot of businesses may be acutely aware of the technical specifications required for specific tendering posts, tenders often fall short in demonstrating key areas for success such as capacity to deliver, track record, the quality and expertise of team proposed etc.
  • Through this mentoring session you will be assisted to develop a business profile and guided through all essential administration elements for tendering,
  • Sessions will be 2 hours in duration and will guided by the client and structured around their needs.
  • These sessions will be facilitated by Orla Leydon from Office & Training Solutions

These sessions are reserved for Leitrim Businesses Only