How to Grow your Service Business in 20 hours a week!!

Two day workshop one day per week for 2 weeks.

When you have limited time for your business, you need to know where to focus your energy, attention and resources to ensure you get the biggest return on your investment. This two day programme will show you how to streamline your business so you can achieve your goals in 20 hours per week and reduce your working hours.

This event is no longer available

This workshop is designed to help service business owners to leverage 5 key areas:

1. Marketing.
2. Lead Generation.
3. Sales Process.
4. Client Experience.
5. Time.

By the end of the 2 day workshop participants will know how to:

Create effective marketing that creates the desired result - you attract the right clients for your business.
Streamline your lead generation so you can cut out the noise, find what works for you and focus your energy there.
How to hone your sales process so you can increase your conversion rate.
How to organise your time so you can get more done without working longer hours.
How to create a powerful client experience resulting in positive word of mouth referrals.