New Year Business Re-Think Clinics

9.30am to 5.30pm

Would you like to get creative insights, an introduction to new digital tools and skills and a business strategy that focuses on innovation in your Business?

This event is no longer available

These clinic sessions will be facilitated by Aoife Harrington

Aoife Harrington

How do these Clinics work?

When you make your booking, you will be allocated a 1.5 hour slot  on Tuesday, 18th January for a one to one session.

Professional Consultant Designer, New Product Innovator and Business consultant, Aoife Harrington specialises in taking a product or service from initial concept to final commercial collection. Aoife is recognized internationally as being an imaginative and forward-thinking designer, expert forecaster, project manager and planner with industry experience with a clear understanding of new market growth potential.

She is experienced in leading brand collaborations and a range of large-scale projects across a broad range of sectors. She provides creative insights, introduction to new digital tools and skills and business strategy that focuses on innovation, development and a LEAN approach to in- house process and improvement.

Please note these clinic sessions are only open to Leitrim Businesses