One-To-One Marketing Strategy Clinic - 13h April 2023

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This clinic will allow you to access an online tool that generates a 1-page marketing strategy for your business. You will also receive a 1:1, one hour marketing strategy session where you will review your plan and get feedback on ways to enhance and improve it. You will also get access to best practice templates so that you can organise your marketing planning more effectively. The goal of this is for you to get clarity on your marketing plan and feedback on it from a professional marketer.

This event is no longer available

These one-to-one clinics will be facilitated by Muireann Fitzmaurice from The Marketing Coach.

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How Will This Session Work:

  • Each participant will get access to the online tool, the MarketingCoachToolkit, in advance of their 1:1 session which produces a 1 page marketing strategy for their organisation. It is based on the idea of the Lean Model Canvas for Marketing, where they have a simple 1 page structure outlining their key marketing ideas.
  • They then receive a 1:1 coaching session with an expert where they get feedback on this document and start working on creating an action plan to bring their strategy to life in a practical way for the business owner.
  • It is a different approach to traditional mentoring where the participant is walking away with a practical output from the session that they can use straight away in their business.

Each Marketing Strategy Clinics Include the Following:

  • Access to the MarketingCoach Toolkit
  • Each participant completes the online tool which produces a one page marketing strategy for the organisation. The online tool takes approximately 60-90 minutes to complete.
  • Marketing Strategy Review
  • The toolkit is reviewed to give feedback and development ideas to the business.
  • 1:1 Mentoring Session
  • Feedback is shared with the participants and best practice templates are showcased to help the business owner put structure on their marketing plan.
  • Access to Marketing Planner Templates
  • have created marketing plan templates for their clients. Access to these templates will be given to the participants to use in their business.

Please Note - These clinics are reserved for Leitrim businesses only