Online Course Creation - How to Generate a New Income Online From What You Already Know

10.00am to 1.00pm

There has never been a better time to create an online course. However, knowing where to start can be a challenge. This workshop will take the mystery out of getting started and walk you through how to create and launch a successful online course.


This live and interactive workshop will be facilitated by Johnny Beirne who has been successfully launching online courses since 2013

Johnny Beirne

Learning Outcomes

A. After completing this course, participants will understand why they should create an online course.
B. They will have a framework which they can use again and again to create their own online course and sell their expertise to a global audience.
C. They will learn how to set up an affordable video studio for creating professional training videos.
D. They will have a comprehensive understanding of how market and sell their online course.

This workshop will cover:

1. Preparation
How to prepare yourself for creating an online course.
How to build internal leverage as part of the preparation process.
How to overcome the fear of failure.

2. Plan
How to make sure you create your course.
How to build your course creation process into your working week.

3. Pick
How to pick a course that will sell.
How to choose your market (niche).

4. Pilot
How to generate sales before you create your course

5. Price
How to make sure you charge enough
How to avoid the price pitfalls

6. Produce
How to record your course
How to edit your course

7. Publish
How to make it available online
How to interact and support your students

8. Promote
How to launch and market your course to your ideal student
How to create attractive lead magnets to attract the right students

9. Programme
How to turn your course into a Programme with Live Group Coaching and 10x your income