Start Your Own Business

7pm to 9.30pm
Start Your Own Business

This course will heighten awareness of what is needed to run a business - to get customers, retain them and provide a distinctive product or service

This event is no longer available

This course will be delivered by John Dempsey over four Tuesday evenings from Tuesday, 16th November to Tuesday, 7th December.

There is an option of one to one mentoring assistance to address any individual concerns.


  • Assist participants towards effective business, financial, operational and personal planning.
  • Engaging with prospective customers, dealing with customers.
  • Market research exercises to provide comfort as to the possible viability of the project.
  • Use of social media as a promotional tool.
  • Areas of administration and business management on day to day basis essential to running a business.
  • Knowledge around compliance including Health and Safety.
  • Managing third party relationships including staff, banks, managing the supply chain in a small business (for both products and services)
  • Meeting funder's expectations
  • Soft skills knowledge and its value to the business and its owner including being aware of mindset, the value of goal setting, effective communication with customers and other third parties.