Start Your Own Business

7.00pm to 9.00pm
Start Your Own Business

Are you thinking of Starting your own Business? Sign up for this course and learn how to get off to the best start.

This event is no longer available

This course will be delivered by Gordon McArdle from Rocas Training over 6 evenings starting on Thursday 20th January and continuing over the following dates;

27th January, 3rd February, 10th February, 17th February and concluding on 24th February

Course Content

Business Basics – Key Questions when Starting a Business

1. Practicalities of being self-employed. Pros and Challenges.
2. Basic elements for starting a business. Premises, Equipment, Materials, Staff.
3. Legal Structures, registering your Business, Contracts and Business Law
4. Main reasons why Businesses Succeed and why they Fail
5. Steps to starting a business
6. Examples of successful local start-ups

Business Plan

1. Elements of the Business Plan
2. Business Strategy
3. Developing a 3-year plan
4. P&L and Income and Expenditure – importance of the key figures.

Legal Issues / Formality

1. Employment Law
2. Contracts
3. Insurance
4. Business Banking

Book-keeping and Finance

1. Business book-keeping
2. Costs incl. Wages & Drawings
3. Cash Flow
4. Taxation & VAT
5. Calculating Break-even levels
6. Debtors / Cash Collection


1. The Marketing Mix
2. Market Research Methods
3. Market Segmentation; Demographic, Geographic, Behavioural and Psychographic
4. Using Marketing to help Sales
5. Promoting your Business
6. Social Media Marketing
7. Case Study - Marketing Plan.

Competitors and Competitive Advantage

1. Researching Competitors
2. Competition Cockpit; an analysis of your top Competitors
3. Finding a Competitive Advantage, an angle for your business
4. Pricing and Break-even point.


1. Sales – the Sales Process
2. Building a Sales Pipeline
3. Sales Call Preparation
4. Open & Closed Questions
5. Objection Handling
6. Closing the Sale
7. Managing your Sales