Succession Planning 1:1 Clinic | Jan - Dec 2023

Sessions are available throughout the year
A time and date will be allocated after you register

This Succession Planning clinic is designed for business owners to provide them with an understanding of the main strategies that should be applied when they decide to retire from or sell their businesses.


Overview of the Clinic

  • This 1:1 clinic will give a broad overview of the main tax efficient exit strategies used when retiring, selling business assets or transferring shares in their company.
  • Participants will also be informed on key considerations to help prepare them for their new post business ownership lives which some retirees find difficult to adjust to.
  • This clinic will be facilitated by John Mc Kenna – Chartered Accountant – John D Mc Kenna & Co Limited - who will be available to discuss and answer your questions on the day.
  • Each session will be delivered via telephone or zoom and will last up to 1.5hr. A time slot will be allocated to you after you register.

 Clinic Content

  • Exit Strategies
  • Pre-sale / Retirement Considerations
  • Succession Planning

                        Direct Sale of Share

                        Retirement Relief

                        Entrepreneurial relief

  • Post Sale Retirement and Lifestyle Planning – what to do with your money

 John Mc Kenna

  • John Mc Kenna is a dynamic financial executive and chartered accountant with significant experience and skills in finance, business development, strategy and taxation gained within owner managed and start-up businesses over the past 25 years.

Note: This clinic is reserved for Leitrim based businesses only