Website Review Clinics - 28th September 2022

A time slot will be allocated after you book

Book a FREE one to one consultation with our mentor to discuss how to make the most of your website

This event is no longer available

These one-to-one clinics will be facilitated online via zoom by Lyndsay Considine from LC Digital

Lindsay Considine - LC D

Dates & Times:

  • This clinic will consist of 1 hour 15 minute sessions & will be held on Wednesday the 28th of September 2022.
  • A time will be allocated to you after you register.

How the Clinic Works:

Make the most of your website - book a consultation with our mentor to discuss the following:

  • Google my Business: set-up and optimisation.

  • Audit of website from customer's perspective, what's working and what's not.
  • Improving SEO: a beginner's guide.
  • How your website ties into your overall digital marketing strategy.
  • Driving traffic to your website: the dos and donts.
  • Global styles and brand building/awareness and how your website impacts these.
  • **This clinic is suited to any type of business and aims to help owners/employees learn the fundamental skills necessary to maximise their online sales.
  • Lyndsay Considine is an experienced digital marketing and social media specialist with extensive experience in managing and creating content for business websites and all social platforms. Her background as a journalist has allowed her to hone her skills as a writer with excellent attention to detail. She has received national recognition for her digital marketing strategies and content creation skills, and has worked with a large number of small businesses on how to best develop their online presence to increase engagement and build brand awareness.
  • Please note that by booking a clinic you are agreeing that you will make yourself available to attend the clinic at the time specified by our office on the day specified. OPEN TO LEITRIM BUSINESSES ONLY