Training Opportunities 2019/2020

Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Leitrim intend to offer the following Business Skills Training Programmes to micro-enterprises in Co. Leitrim during  2019 and 2020. We welcome specifications and prices from interested parties regarding delivery of Business Skills Training Programmes.

Price submitted should be inclusive of all costs relating to the training initiative, with the exception of training venue costs, which shall be borne by Local Enterprise Office Leitrim.

Submissions should include a copy of both a current tax clearance certificate or proof of same and professional indemnity insurance. Any costs associated with the preparation and/or submission of specifications are in no way attributable to Local Enterprise Office Leitrim.

All Specifications  received and Contracts which subsequently may be awarded are dependent on demand for places on the Programme, availability of funding to Local Enterprise Office Leitrim and priorities for Local Enterprise Office Leitrim. Local Enterprise Office Leitrim may choose to deliver only some of the Training Programmes outlined below and may select other Training Programmes not featured below for delivery during 2019 and 2020.

If a programme is delivered more than once during  2019/2020, LEO Leitrim reserves the right to select more than one supplier to deliver same.

When submitting prices/specifications to deliver Training Programmes, please ensure that you quote the Programme title and ref. no as outlined below. ‘Suggested Content’ as outlined below is exactly that – we welcome any suggestions you may have in regard to the exact content, etc. of the Programme  

Programme Titles:

1. Start Your Own Business   LM/19/01

Objective: To assist participants in developing an understanding of the issues involved in becoming self-employed and to facilitate them in developing a business plan to establish the potential viability of their business.

Duration: 6 x 3 hr. sessions

Suggested Content: Self-Assessment, Legal issues for start-ups, Preparing a Business Plan, Market Research, Marketing for the small Business, Finance.

2. Basic Book-Keeping /Managing Finances   LM/19/02

Objective: The Programme aim is to equip participants with the skills to maintain a paper-based book-keeping system, & give them the necessary basic knowledge of Tax & VAT registration & responsibilities for small businesses.

Duration: 4 x 3hr. sessions.

Suggested Content: Overview of Basic Accounts & Record-Keeping, Primary Books, Month-end summary, VAT Calculation/Returns, Credit Control, Cash Flow.

3. Which Social Media network is right for my business?   LM/19/03

Objectives: To guide participants through the myriad of Social Media channels which are out there and to assist them to choose the Social Media channel(s) which are most suitable for their businesses.

Duration: 1 Day

Suggested Content: Overview of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, recommendations to participants as to which channels are most suitable for their particular business activity.  

4. Using Facebook for Business – Beginners       LM/19/04

Objective: Programme aim is to introduce the ‘basics’ of using Facebook as a business promotional tool to participants who have limited or no experience of using Facebook.

Duration: 1 Day.

Suggested Content: How Social Media Marketing can help businesses, How Facebook works, setting up a Facebook business page, understanding the structure of/customising your page, best practices for ‘posting’, business to business marketing on Facebook.

5. Using Facebook for Business – Advanced          LM/19/05

Objective: Programme aim is to assist those who already have an established business Facebook page to take their use of Facebook as a business development tool to the next level.

Duration: 1 Day.

Suggested Content: Advanced Posting Techniques, installing custom Facebook applications, how to run a legitimate Facebook competition, running successful advertising campaigns, advanced insights.

6. Social Media Marketing (Advanced)       LM/19/06

Objective: to assist people in developing the skills necessary to utilise all mainstream forms of social media to promote their business

Duration: 5 x 1/2 day sessions (1/2 day per week)

Suggested Content: How to use advanced Facebook marketing tactics to promote your products & services, how to use Twitter & YouTube to promote your products/services & how to use LinkedIn, Pinterest & Instagram for marketing your business.

7. Business Website Review Clinics  LM/19/07

Objective: to ensure that the business websites of participants are performing at an optimum level and working hard for the business.

Duration: 60-90 mins per individual clinic.

Suggested Content/Format: participants will have a detailed telephone discussion with the trainer once their place has been secured. Trainer will undertake a critical review of the participants website and present findings to participants in an individual clinic; together with a worksheet containing practical changes which should be made to the site to increase its’ effectiveness.

8. Social Media Review Clinics     LM/19/08

Objective: to ensure that the business Social Media of participants are performing at an optimum level and working hard for the business.

Duration: 60-90 mins per individual clinic.

Suggested Content/Format: participants will have a detailed telephone discussion with the trainer once their place has been secured. Trainer will undertake a critical review of the participants social media channels and present findings to participants in an individual clinic; together with a worksheet containing practical changes which should be made to the site to increase its’ effectiveness.

9. Introduction to LinkedIn for Business  (1 day)    LM/19/09

Objective:  To show how Business can use LinkedIn to add to their marketing strategy by expanding their networks, find clients/customers, and create a professional image for their business

Duration:  1 day 

Suggested Content:  How to register your business on LinkedIn, how to use it as a tool to make new connections, generate leads and  build your brand, how to increase your followers on LinkedIn.

10. Introduction to Instagram for Business (1 day)  LM/19/10

Objective: This course is for businesses that want to start using Instagram as a marketing tool.  It will show participants how to use this visual marketing tool to connect with and engage audiences and assist with business growth.

Duration: 1 day

Suggested Content/Format:  Why use Instagram? Getting started. Editing your profile. Searching Instagram. Posting photos and videos. Optimise your profile for business, Increasing your following, best time to post

11. Create a New Marketing Vision for your Business LM/19/11

Objective: To improve the core marketing skills of participants and highlight the vital role a well-written marketing plan can play in business success.

Duration: 1 Day

Suggested Content: The 4 steps of the marketing process, identifying and profiling customers, clarifying short/long-term goals, product marketing, service marketing, planning, costing and executing marketing for the next 12 months.

12. Costing & Pricing LM/19/12

Objective: to introduce participants to the basic principles of Costing/Pricing, & to techniques used in analysing & controlling costs, together with setting the right price for your products/services

Duration: 1 Day.

Suggested Content: Basic principles of costing/costing techniques, controlling costs, contributions/margins, profit v cash flow, how to price products/services, understand & calculate break-even prices, developing a costing template for business.

13. SAGE 50 Accounts Improvers Programme LM/19/13

Objective: to enable existing users of SAGE Accounts Software to acquire the skills to use the advanced functionality of the software to improve business performance.

Duration: 3 x ½ Day sessions, plus 1-1 onsite session per participant.

Suggested Content: Department set-up & use, emailing Invoices/Statements, Credit Control, Cash Flow & Bank Reconciliation, VAT, Management Reports, Month/Year ends.

14.Taxation and VAT (2 days) LM/19/14

Objective: This Programme is aimed at those who have established their own business and are anxious to increase their knowledge regarding taxation and vat and its implications for their business.

Duration: 2 Day.

Suggested Content: A general guide to taxation and VAT, and the different VAT rates which apply to different businesses, the advantages/disadvantages & implications of registering for VAT, the records needed to prepare a VAT return, guidance on preparation of annual return, explanation of return of trading details.

15. Preparing for a Revenue Audit (1 day)  LM/19/15

Objective:  To help participants fully understand the meaning of a Revenue Audit and what it entails and also how to prepare for an Audit, should you be selected.

Duration:  1 day

Suggested Content/Format:  Documents and Paperwork required by an Auditor, what personnel is required and typical questions asked by Revenue Auditors.

16.  Revenue Online Services  (2 x ½ days)  LM/19/16

Objective:  To provide participants with the knowledge of how to become a ROS customer and use ROS to its full potential

Duration:  (2 x ½ days)

Suggested Content/Format: How to log on to Revenue Website, Demonstrate the 3 steps to becoming a ROS Customer. Demonstration of filing a return online for VAT, PAYE/PRSI, Corporation Tax, Income Tax. Uploading file created offline.  Download ROS offline application. Downloading and completing ROS forms offline, Using the Inbox facility for Returns, Payments, Refunds etc

17.  PAYE Modernisation (3 hours)  LM/19/17

Objective:  To brief businesses of key changes just introduced on PAYE modernisation and how it will affect Payroll processing in 2019.

Duration:  ½ day

Suggested Content/Format:  Benefits of PAYE Modernisation, Preparation for PAYE Modernisation, 2019 Payroll Processing under PAYE Modernisation, Understanding RPN's Revenue Payroll Notifications, Payroll submission requirements in 2019, Avoiding penalties for non-compliance

18. Develop Successful Sales Techniques & Negotiation Skills (1  day) LM/19/18

Objective: This programme will provide insights into the process, structure and psychology of selling, making the presentation, overcoming objections, handling interruptions, dealing with price and cost, and closing of the sale.

Duration: 1  day.

Suggested Content: How to make new contacts and convert them to clients, how to make professional effective sales presentations, how to recognise buying signals and close sales.  Developing a sales process for your business and establishing customer needs and wants.

19. Managing Stress in Challenging Times  (1 day)  LM/ 19/19

Objective:  One day course designed for business people. Learn more about stress management, mindfulness and building resilience

Duration 1 day.

Suggested Content: How to maximise your performance through a change in attitude.  How to use your mindfulness to increase energy, attention and create a reality of value, meaning and purpose.  How to recognise stress and how to cope with its debilitating effects in yourself and others.

20. HACCP – Food Hygiene Management Course - QQI Level 6 (8 x ½ days or 8 evening workshops) LM/19/20

Objective: This programme aims to provide an overview of the codes of practice within the food industry and to provide an understanding of the legal requirements relating to Food Safety Management Systems.

Duration: 8 x ½ days/8 x 3hr evening workshops

Suggested content: Principles of HACCP, Implementing a Food Safety Management System, Maintenance and review of a system, legal requirements for Food Safety.

21. Food Hygiene Training QQI Level 4 (2 Full days) LM/19/21

Objective: The purpose of this two day training programme is to provide learners with knowledge of food safety and hygiene required to operate a HACCP Food Safety Management System.

Duration: 2 Full days

Suggested Content: Food Hygiene, Personal Hygiene, Pest/Waste Control, Cleaning, Food Delivery, Food Storage, Food Processing.

22. Food Starter Programme (4 evenings x 3 hours) LM/19/22

Objective: This programme is aimed at people thinking of starting their own food business or in the early stages of start-up and includes people hoping to progress their food hobby into a full time business.  Any Food Business hoping to embark on Food Academy must first complete this course.

Duration: 4 evenings x 3 hours.

Suggested Content: How to conduct research for your food business and how to complete a food business feasibility study.  Interpreting Irish Food market trends and drivers.  Food Safety overview. Costing & Managing Finance. State Agency supports and funding. Distribution and logistics.  Identifying a unique positioning for the product. Understanding branding and communicating the key brand messages. 

23. Develop Successful Sales Techniques & Negotiation Skills   LM/19/23

Objective:  The programme will provide insights into the process, structure and psychology of selling, making the presentation, handling interruptions, dealing with price and cost, and closing the sale.

Duration:  1 day

Suggested Content/Format:  Making new contacts and converting them to clients, making professional effective sales presentations, recognising buying signals and closing sales.  Developing the right sales process for your particular business, establishing customers needs and wants.

24. Creating Online Marketing Videos         LM/19/24

Objective: This hands on workshop will show the partipants how to make online marketing videos, how to shoot videos with a smartphone, how to edit the footage using editing software into a fully fledged marketing video.

Duration:  1 day

Suggest Content/Format:  Once participants are brought through the process of producing a marketing video, the training should cover the marketing essentials on how to get your video seen, how to ensure your video appears on YouTube and how to effectively use video on social media platforms.

25. Search Engine Optimisation                LM/19/25

Objective: This practical one day workshop will demonstrate to participants how to carry out search engine optimisation (SEO) on a website and should  be delivered in non-technical language with plenty of practical exercises.

Duration:  1 day

Suggested Content/Format:  Identifying the main search engines and the role they play in Digital Marketing.  How to use the Google Keyword Planner as a research tool.  How to Carry out a Ranking Analysis on Priority Keyword Phrases. How to implement On Page Optimisation.  Ways to improve your Page Rank/Domain Authority.  The benefits of Google Analytics from a business perspective.  Technology – what devices are visitors using to access my website?  Where is my website traffic coming from? What are they doing on my site? (pages views, visitor flow).  Understanding conversions and setting website goals

26. GDPR - Are you compliant?          LM/19/26

Objective: The objective is to provide an overview of the enhanced privacy rights now in place for individuals and what you must do in your business to comply with the new rules.

Duration:  ½ day workshop

Suggested Content/Format:  How the changes to data protection rules introduced on 25 May 2018 by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR for short)  impacts on how I collect and process information about individuals. Identify relevant areas in business to be GDPR compliant.

Specification Guidelines:

Specifications will be reviewed and scored under the following headings: Suitability, Qualifications, Experience (25 marks), Track Record in delivery of similar programmes (25 marks) Understanding the brief (10) Course content and methodology (20) Price (20 marks).

Please ensure that specifications are not bound and that programmes are priced individually with a price listed per programme.

Regarding Certified Training, applicants must detail exactly what type and level of Certification will apply, and outline the cost of certification per participant where appropriate.

Only Postal applications will be accepted - the deadline for receipt of completed specifications by  post is   Friday, 18th January, 2019  at 4.00pm.

Please note that late submissions will not be accepted.

Specifications must be marked ‘Training 2019/2020’ and addressed as follows:

Local Enterprise Office Leitrim

Aras an Chontae

Carrick on Shannon

Co. Leitrim