Lubdub Foods Ltd.

Case Study – Lubdub Foods Ltd.


The company Lubdub Foods Ltd. completed the Food Academy programme with the Limerick Enterprise Office and SuperValu in the summer of 2016. What emerged out of that experience was the introduction of Health Bars made with natural ingredients and no added sugar in 5 flavours under the brand name N2N Near to Nature. This proved to be quite challenging in such a new and competitive sector – Health Bars – but they started to sell reasonably well and became available in over 90 stockists nationwide.


In late 2017, Lubdub Foods decided to invest in more efficient production equipment, moved into bigger premises and re-branded just 3 of the original 5 flavours – Turmeric, Hemp and Cocoa - under the simpler brand name Near to Nature.


It made business sense to invest in the equipment not only for their own range of healthy snacks but also for the other emerging health food companies who can avail of their manufacturing expertise.


As well as their own healthy snack range, they now manufacture health bars, energy / protein balls and other similar products for a number of Irish companies including a chocolate company, a school food company and a number of cafes and juice bars.


They are also involved in product collaborations with international companies. One of these projects has evolved into an export product for Florida based company Biom Pharma and the first shipment of the new Turmeric Bar took place in June 2018.


As their focus is on healthy snacks they are particularly interested in using natural ingredients and no added sugar and overall they want to create functional foods with a high nutrient count. The long term goal is to make a significant contribution to the new and exciting landscape that is the alternative healthy snack sector in Ireland and internationally.

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Swamy at 086 394 8872 or Lorraine at 087 6595 417