Green for Micro Programme

Sustainability is often quite a theoretical concept and many small businesses just don't know where to start. This practical 'how to' event will help you to 'Green' your business and benefit from practical guidance on how to make your business more sustainable.

The Green for Micro programme is designed to help you examine and identify cost savings and market opportunities within your business by looking at your business from an environmental perspective.   Improving environmental performance through greater resource efficiency, can help your business achieve competitive advantage. 

Eligible businesses will be assigned a Green for Micro consultant for three days to:

>Look at your resource use and identify opportunities for cost and emission savings

>Implement an environmental management system to the greening of your product or business

>Help your business adapt to the changing market place.

The programme will help you to make informed decisions to reduce costs, lower your carbon footprint and improve the environmental profile of the business in the marketplace.

The programme is open to all microenterprises with up to 10 employees in Limerick who meet eligibility criteria.  Applicants will also be offered the opportunity to participate in the Digi Eco Programme with Regional Skills Mid West.


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