Facebook Advanced for Business

Woodlands House Hotel
Laptops Essential
9.30am - 4.30pm
Social Media

This advanced Facebook advertising course goes way beyond “how to boost a post” and shows you the latest techniques

This event is no longer available

Advanced Facebook Advertising



There are two reasons why businesses need to understand how to advertise on Facebook;


  1. On average, less than 9% of followers now see updates from a page so the old way of marketing on Facebook is over and
  2. Facebook ads are an amazing and affordable way of getting into anyone’s newsfeed to tell them about your products or offer, simply by spending a small amount of money e.g. for €5-€10 you can get your message out to thousands of potential customers. 


This advanced Facebook advertising course goes way beyond “how to boost a post” and shows you the latest techniques. 


Who is this course suitable for?

You must understand how to use Facebook and you need to already have a Facebook page setup. This is not suitable for people who are unsure how Facebook works.


What do you need?

This is a hands-on workshop and on the course you will setup lots of different types of advertising campaigns. Please bring a laptop. A tablet will not be suitable for many of the exercises.

Topics that we will cover


Overview of Facebook Ads

  • Why are your posts not being seen by the majority of your followers
  • How do Facebook ads work?


Step 1:  Design your ads so that they stand out and communicate your message

  • Ad dimensions
  • Design toolkit and hands-on creation of adverts


Step 2:  Know how to target the best audience for your business.

  • Basic and intermediate ways to target
  • Advanced targeting options
    • How to target visitors to your website
    • How to target a lookalike audience


Step 3:  Ensure your website will convert the traffic into enquiries and sales

  • What do you need to do on your website in order to turn the traffic from ads into enquiries and sales


Step 4:  Understand how best to run the ad campaign

  • Example campaign 1: How to get more people to see your posts
  • Example campaign 2: How to drive traffic to your website
  • Example campaign 3: How to get more followers for your page


Step 5:  Understand how to monitor your ads