January Digital Marketing Programme

Online Virtual Classroom
Tuesday 17, Tuesday 24, Tuesday 31, Thursday 09
Business Training

Do you want to increase your sales, win more customers or improve your branding? The 4 session Digital Marketing Programme will help you decide your social marketing strategy and through weekly workshops introduce a range of free and low-cost tools to grow and develop your business.”

This event is no longer available

Course Objectives This programme delivered over 4 workshops will provide you with the skills, tools and knowledge to use social media effectively for a high return on investment. Each  workshop will give you hands-on experience of using a range of free and low-cost digital; tools. At the end of the course you will know how to choose and use the best marketing channel for your business.


Course Outcomes At the end of the programme you will: 1. Have a digital marketing strategy to deliver your business goals and the skills and knowledge to implement it. 2. Know how to choose and use each marketing channel for a low cost and high return. 3. Be able to brief and communicate any web designers. 4. Know how to measure the effectiveness of each channel.


Day 1: Your Digital Marketing Strategy • How Digital Marketing has evolved • Key steps on how to develop a strategy • Why and how to create customer profiles • Defining your USP and how to narrate it • Setting budgets and resources needed • The customer journey

• Free & low-cost social media tools


Day 2 – SEO & Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) • Briefing a web developer • Key components of an effective website – design/branding, structure, content & page structure and calls to action. • SEO: the 4 key components of SEO • How to brief a web designer

• Setting targets (KPIs) • Measuring: using Google Analytics to measure your website performance. Setting up Google analytics.

Day 3 – Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & TikTok)

• How social media is evolving

• Step-by-step process of setting up Instagram, LinkedIn accounts and Facebook business pages

• Social Media user demographics – how useful will each channel will be for your business? • Features and tools – a walk through key features and tools on each channel • Competitions :t Facebook & Instagram promotion guidelines

• Easy to use design tools like Canva.com, Wordswag App, Mo Show App etc. to design impactful images & slideshows • Insights – a walk through each channel’s insights and how to read the reports. Setting targets (KPIs). • #Hashtag Categories - brand, context, reach and location-based.

Day 4: Online Advertising & Strategy Review

• Choosing the most effective advertising channel for your business. • Social Media Advertising: Facebooks Ads manager; Instagram; boosting posts; TikTok & LinkedIn introduction. • Google Ads: 4 most popular advertising options - Search, Shopping, Display/Remarketing & Video • The key steps to developing and measuring your advertising campaign