Start Your Own Business - 6 session Online Programme

Online Virtual Classroom
See below 3 week schedule.
5pm - 7pm
Business Training

This Online Programme will provide participants with the skills, knowledge and training to successfully run a small business. We will run this programme over 3 weeks, with 6 separate time slots. For individuals based in Limerick only!

This event is no longer available

WS1      Wed, 10th June                 Introduction and Legal issues

WS2      Thurs, 11th June               Finance and Basic Bookkeeping

WS3      Wed, 17th June               Researching the Market

WS4      Thurs, 18th June               Business Planning

WS5      Wed, 24th June                 Promotion for Small Business

WS6      Thurs, 25th June               Entrepreneurial Mindset and Sources of Funding

2 Mentoring sessions by video after workshop complete - this programme is facilitated by Bridgewater.

When you have registered for the course a link will be sent to you the day before the course commences, to enable you to gain access to the course.