LEAN for Micro Programme

LEAN for Micro Programme 2020


Could your business benefit from learning simple ways to save production time, improves on efficiencies, boost productivity and reduce stress?

Then you should consider participating on the LEAN for Micro Programme 2020

What is LEAN?

LEAN is about being effective and efficient - doing things quicker, better and cheaper. LEAN strives to stamp out waste and to continually improve. LEAN tools and techniques are helping companies across all sectors and all sections from e.g production, business processes but also sales and financial strategy. It is NOT just for manufacturing businesses!

What are the objectives?

Participants will have the knowledge and skills to enable them undertake small lean projects resulting in continuous cost reduction improvements in their businesses. This programme will help to:

  • Identify issues and potential improvement areas
  • Provide support to implement
  • Achieve savings and improvements in capability and capacity to deliver

What does the programme involve?

The programme is delivered through a mixture of workshops for owner/managers, as well as specific mentoring supports on site to illustrate how LEAN principles can be implemented in practice.

For further information contact Bernie Moloney, Senior Enterprise Development Officer at bernie.moloney@leo.limerick.ie or telephone 061-557488