National Enterprise Awards

NEA 2020

National Enterprise Awards

For over 20 years, the National Enterprise Awards has celebrated the contribution small businesses make to the Irish economy. The Awards showcases, encourages and supports a culture of enterprise and entrepreneurship in communities across Ireland, including within Longford. The National Enterprise Awards works with Local Enterprise Offices, including Longford LEO, to celebrate the achievements of businesses who work with us. Every year, Longford LEO, as part of the National Enterprise Awards, celebrates great Longford small business! 

How Your Business Can Be Involved Next Year

The National Enterprise Awards competition is open to:

  • small businesses employing ten or less staff
  • be involved in manufacturing or an internationally traded service
  • Must have received financial support for Longford LEO. Financial support included the Measure 1 Financial Support, LEO Innovation Investment Fund, IBYE Support, TAME Support or the Trading Online Voucher Scheme

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