Student Enterprise Programme Coordinator 2020-21

Student Enterprise Programme 2020-21 - Invitation to Tender


The Local Enterprise Office in Longford is currently seeking tenders for SEP Coordinators for the 2020/2021 Programme.

  1. Introduction 

The Student Enterprise Programme (hereafter referred to as SEP) is a national enterprise education programme for secondary school students aimed at fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, through the practical experience of setting up and running a mini-business. Further information and details about the SEP can be accessed on

The Local Enterprise Office Longford is currently inviting submissions to tender for the delivery and coordination of the SEP in second level schools within County Longford for the forthcoming academic year - 2020-2021. 

Given the current pandemic situation, it will be necessary to Covid 19 proof the delivery of the programme as necessary - online delivery of workshops and meetings with schools and LEO staff may be required. 

  1. Student Enterprise 

In seeking to develop a thriving enterprise culture, it is critical that young people from all backgrounds see enterprise as a viable career choice. Entrepreneurial qualities and mindset need to be fostered from an early stage. While recognising that participation in the Awards is on an entirely voluntary basis the following are key targets that the Local Enterprise Office Longford aims to achieve:- 

  • At least 80% participation rate per annum in the Senior Category of the Awards among second level schools in the county offering transition year. There are currently 9 second level schools in County Longford.
  • At least 200 students participating in the Senior level category per annum


  1. Closing Date for Submission of Tenders 

The closing date for receipt of completed tenders is 5pm, Friday 14th August, 2020. Tenders received after the closing deadline will not be considered.

Tender submissions should be sent in writing for the attention of Ms. Anna Lane, Local Enterprise Office, Longford or email to 


  1. Costs and Proposal 

Your tender price and proposal should be inclusive of all costs. The tender price should be a fixed sum, to include the costs of all travel and other expenses, overheads, insurances, etc to be incurred in the delivery of the contract. No additional costs will be incurred by the sub-contractor without the prior approval of Local Enterprise Office Longford. Please note that all necessary arrangements in connection with the promotion of the SEP, and the organising of associated workshops will be arranged in agreement with and covered by Local Enterprise Office Longford.

  1. General conditions of engagement


  1. This is a contract for the delivery of the SEP between the end of August 2020 to the National SEP Final event usually held in early May. Payments for all goods and services supplied will be made on the submission of appropriate invoices, in accordance with the Prompt Payment of Accounts Act 1997, as amended by the European Communities (late payment in Commercial Transactions) Regulations 2002 (SI 388/2002). The payment schedule and invoicing arrangements will be agreed with the successful sub-contractor following their selection. The Local Enterprise Office Longford retains the right to withhold payment, where a sub-contractor has failed to meet his/her contractual obligations in relation to the delivery of goods/services to an acceptable level of quality.
  2. The subcontractor shall be required to fully comply with the tax clearance procedures for public service contracts and produce for inspection either a valid tax clearance certificate or other certification from the Revenue Commissioners as to their suitability on tax grounds for appointment.
  3. The Local Enterprise Office Longford will provide full administrative back-up and support to the subcontractor at all stages in and throughout the delivery of the SEP.
  4. If in the opinion of Local Enterprise Office Longford, the subcontractor is not achieving the pre-set objectives or is deviating from the brief and terms of reference for delivery of the contract, their engagement will be terminated without the full cost being incurred.
  5. The Company / Consultant to be engaged shall be required to work within the remit and comply with the Health Safety & Welfare at Work Act 2005.
  6. Garda Vetting will be sought in accordance with the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012 to 2016 and the Company/Consultant will be required to fully cooperate with this process.


  1. Required Programme Activities


  1. The subcontractor shall undertake to promote the SEP in all nine second level schools in the County and to secure maximum participation in same, having due regard to the targets set out under 2 above.
  2. The subcontractor will be expected, as a minimum, to undertake at least 3 (three) visits to each second level school participating during the delivery of the contract, and to assist in all stages/aspects of the SEA from idea generation through to preparation of final submissions to SEP Finals (at County and National level). Please note that these meetings may have to be conducted online.
  3. The subcontractor will arrange regular liaison meetings (online if necessary) with school representatives, Local Enterprise Office Longford staff and other stakeholders e.g., Business Idea Generation Tutors involved in SEP etc.
  4. The subcontractor will keep records of the number of students participating in each school and category, the gender ratio involved and final entrants in both county and national finals.
  5. The subcontractor with the agreement of Local Enterprise Office Longford will arrange the provision of additional support/resources for students participating in SEP, including workshops and presentations on various elements of the SEP (e.g. sales and marketing, writing business plans etc.)
  6. The subcontractor will submit a short written progress report to Local Enterprise Office Longford before payment of each instalment of the agreed contract price, and a comprehensive final report will be submitted to Local Enterprise Office Longford before payment of final instalment.
  7. The subcontractor will promote the SEP website to schools, teachers and students and encourage the use of the website for registration and information requirements.
  8. The subcontractor will prepare promotional/publicity material and related PR for local media at various stages throughout the SEP programme and
  9. The subcontractor will liaise and communicate formally on behalf of the Local Enterprise Office Longford with the National Coordinator of the SEP.
  10. The subcontractor will coordinate Longford entries to the National Finals in terms of assisting students with the final entry in terms of presentation of business plan and display stand, ensuring they are aware of deadlines and arrangements for the National Final event. 


  1. Tender Submissions 

In submitting a tender, you should detail your proposal, approach, methodology and capacity to successfully address the required programme activities. You should demonstrate that you possess the necessary technical and other expertise and experience to successfully undertake and complete the contract. Your proposal should clearly indicate the following:-

  • A clear overview of your approach / methodology to promote the SEP to gain maximum participation among second level schools
  • A clear overview of how you would deliver the SEP in participating schools (include online options)
  • A clear outline of your specific experience, skills, profiles and qualifications
  • Details of your costs – (online v face to face)
  • Any further information that you wish to submit in support of your tender


  1. Evaluation of Tenders

The Local Enterprise Office Longford will not be bound to accept the lowest or any tender. Prospective bidders should note that the criteria to be applied in deciding on the successful tender will involve scoring on the following: 

  • How tender meets with all of the programme objectives (30%)
  • Relevant experience of the bidder in delivering similar programmes, in particular working with young people in youth enterprise initiatives (30%)
  • Value for money (20%) and
  • Quality of approach (20%) in terms of administrative ability, communication skills and capacity to deliver the programmes.


Please also be advised that Local Enterprise Office Longford may shortlist tenders for interview on the basis of the written tenders before making a final decision on the tender selection.