Deferral of Rates in Response to Covid-19

Deferral of Rates

Deferral of Rates in Response to Covid-19

Aligned to Government guidelines, Longford County Council will defer rates payments due from businesses most immediately impacted by Covid-19, primarily the retail, hospitality, leisure and childcare sectors, for at least 3 months. 

Ratepayers are advised that if they have to temporarily close or significantly curtail operations during the Covid-19 response period they should contact us at Longford County Council immediately in relation to any rates payments falling due in the period to end June. Longford County Council invite impacted ratepayers to inform the County Council if they are experiencing difficulties.

Longford County Council has always endeavoured to deal flexibly with Commercial Ratepayers experiencing payment difficulties and offer a range of options such as payment by instalment, tailored payment plans, scheduled lump sum payments etc. We will continue to offer all this along with the deferral to those businesses most immediately impacted and will deal with cases as sympathetically as possible.

For help with deferring your business rates, please email Please put 'Deferral of Rates' in the subject line of your email.