Covid-19 Trading Online Voucher Scheme - 12-10-2020

Covid-19 Trading Online Voucher Scheme

New Covid-19 Trading Online Voucher Scheme 

In response to Covid-19, the Irish Government announced changes to the Trading Online Vouchers to help small Irish businesses. Funding available under this Scheme has now increased from €2.3 million to €5.6 million. 

The following changes will also apply to the Scheme: 
  • Requirements for co-funding in respect of applications received is reduced from 50% to 10%
  • Business who have availed of a Voucher under the original Scheme can also apply for a second voucher up to €2500, if they find themselves needing to upgrade their existing ecommerce capability. This second voucher will also have a requirement for co-funding of 10%
  • Drawdown of payments for new vouchers is now in two instalments (rather than in one instalment, as before)
  • Subscriptions to low-cost online retail platform solutions are eligible under the Scheme, allowing quick establishment of an online retailing presence

What is an Online Trading Voucher?

Online Trading Vouchers are grants of up to €2500* for small businesses to develop or enhance their ability to trade online. Online Information Seminars or Conference Calls are included in the Scheme to help your business get the maximum benefit when deciding how best to use their Voucher.   

*maximum value of €2,500 or 90% of eligible expenditure, whichever is the lesser (exclusive of VAT)

Why Should Your Business Be Trading Online?

Consumer treads towards online spending is nothing new, however Covid-19, coupled with the restrictions on retail, have led many more people buying online. Despite this, small Irish businesses appear reluctant to embrace online trading, with online only 23% engaged in eCommerce sales. For micro-businesses, this percentage could be even lower.

When you consider that up to 70% of Irish consumers' online purchases are made to overseas businesses, it is clear that the Irish economy and Irish businesses are losing out. In other words, if Irish consumers are spending online, Irish businesses need to be selling online. 

Online Trading Vouchers are here to support Irish small businesses to start or improve in selling online, with Longford Local Enterprise Office here to help. 

How Does the Online Trading Voucher Scheme Work?

Under the Scheme, small businesses apply for funding. The application process is competitive, with a limited number of vouchers available.

Successful applicants then engage suppliers and upon completion of the work, submit a request for payment to Longford LEO (terms and conditions will apply)

Applicants must attend an Information seminar.  They are available online and support applicants in the application process as well as advising them on how best to use their Voucher for maximum impact.

How Can My Business Apply for an Online Trading Voucher?

Click here to download the Application Form

Enquiries and application forms should be sent to